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Slat Fences Basalt Satin


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Slat Style Selection

The first thing you need to do is to choose your slat fencing style, this will determine the specific items required: 
We Have 3 Fencing Styles:

  1. (XPS) Xpress Plus System
  2. (SFS) Side Frame System
  3. (QES) QuickExpress System

Hinged Gate Selection

Depending on your specific project you may need a hinged gate.
We have 5 different options, the easiest and most versatile is Gate Style 01 & Gate Style 04



1. Slat Selection

Our aluminium slats come in different widths and lengths. All slats are compatible with any installation method or fence system.

  • 65mm x 16.5mm without centre web – this is our eco-slats
  • 65mm x 16.5mm with centre web – Structural reinforcement for fences wider than 2m
  • 90mm x 16.5mm with centre web – Main fence material

2a. (XPS) Xpress Plus System

This is our easiest slat system to install due to the simple design and minimal amount of different products required.
NOTE: There are additional items in the “Post & Accessories” section below including:

  • Centre Support Rails
  • Slat Spacer Blocks
  • Top Locking Clips
  • Screws & Bolts

2b. (SFS) Side Frame System

Our side frame system allows for a broad range of install applications, and are typically used between walls as a security/privacy screen:

NOTE: there are additional items in the “Post & Accessories” section below including: 

  • Centre Support Rails
  •  Posts & base plates
  • Top Locking Clips
  • Screws & Bolts

2c. (QES) Quick Express System

Our Quick Express screens are an easy to install option. 

NOTE: there are additional items in the “Post & Accessories” section below including: 

  • Centre support rails
  • Posts & base plates
  • Top locking clips
  • Screws & bolts

3. Posts & Accessories

Slat Fences can be installed free standing or attached onto existing walls / brick structures.
There are 2 main methods on how to install a slat fence panel:

4. Accessories

  • We HIGHLY Recommend ordering 1xPack of extra Tek Screws for each project
  • Recommended to use a min of 1-2 Anti-Tamper screw per Bracket, Hinge & Latch
  • TYP 1.5 bags of Kwikset cement required per cement in post