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Glass Pool Fences Matt Black Hardware


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To help you plan what you need for your DIY Frameless Glass Pool Fence we have prepared all the required design steps and details below:

6 Step


1. Glass Panels & Gates

Choose between our Standard Range (STD) or Soft Close Range (SC).
The range determines which Hinge Panel, Hinges and Gate Panel you need. 

For planning your pool fencing project and to calculate how many panels are required, you need to know the gap dimensions between panels, hinges, doors and walls. We recommend you use our online fence planner. 

2. Hinges

3. Latches

⊕ Standard Latch Kits are NOT lockable. 
⊕ NOTE: You can purchase the “UPGRADE Lock Kit” if lock option is required

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4. Spigots

There are 3 types of Spigots to choose from

⊕ Face Mount Spigots – Ideal for attaching on front of terrace / balcony
⊕ Spigot with Base Plate – Best DIY option. Easy to install
⊕ Top Fix Spigot – Slightly more advanced to install. For Minimalistic look or small space
⊕ 2 spigots per Hinge or Pool glass panel

5. Clamps

Clamps are needed to provide additional stability for frameless glass pool fences. Especially hinge panels have to be braced to the next pool panel with an additional clamp.

⊕ 1 clamp per gap

6. Fasteners & Accessories

⊕ HIGHLY Recommended ordering 2 more packs of fixings and screws as spare
⊕ Read the description of your chosen spigot to determine which screws to use
⊕ Use Chem Anchor Glue to fix rods in concrete

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